KILMERHANSEN has a combined 29 years of experience. We are focused on bringing success to your company through clear, concise and sophisticated design.

Rob Kilmer

Rob specializes in website and logo design. He’s coded entire sites in a day, fueled by coffee and sheer determination, if the deadline requires and the project allows.

Before KILMERHANSEN, Rob was a bartender, bike messenger, and tank driver for the Washington Army National Guard. Currently he is interested in papercraft, science and what the future holds for the web design industry specifically, the latest developments in HTML5 and CSS3.

Rob’s favorite color is #406281.

Michelle Hansen

Learning new content management systems and seeing her code come to life are Michelle’s favorite things about being a designer. She specializes in developing WordPress themes, layout and color consultation. Consistency in design is also very important to her.

In her time away from the computer screen, Michelle is a published author, a crafter, and musician. She is a twin, a skilled dog groomer, has lived on both the East and West coasts, and yearns to travel to Japan. Her next goal in design is to gain a better understanding of PHP.

Kevin Looney

Kevin brings in-depth knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator to the team. He is also fluent in HTML and CSS, helping to code websites cleanly and efficiently. In between projects he enjoys learning jQuery and HTML5.

In his free time Kevin likes cycling, cooking and baking, creating illustrations for t-shirt designs, and snowboarding, hiking and camping in the mountains of Washington State.

Jeff Will

Jeff contributes his experience in photography & video/audio production as a former news editor. One of his photography series, and an ongoing obsession, displays stitched 360 degree panoramas projected as images that resemble small planets.

Originally from the flat farmlands of the Midwest, Jeff has a particular appreciation for mountainous terrain. During his free time in the summer you can find him hiking and capturing the beauty of the Northwest with his camera.


Thank you to our interns who, while learning the business and growing as designers, provide inspiration, additional ideas, and bring new skills to our team:

Kevin Mulanix


Also we’d like to thank our friends who provide continuing support and lend talents and expertise including photography and illustration:

Dan Lamont –
Darrell Toland –
Eloise Knapp –
Jonathan Owens –
Lyle Schultz –
Shayla Jones –
Becky Hansen