We’ve been so busy at KILMERHANSEN with web projects that we’ve had no time to devote to our little website here. This year has shown a huge increase in business use of social media and we are working on practicing what we preach. That means more posts about our work here, what we are learning, […]

Even though most of us despise those annoying commercial jingles that get stuck in our heads you have to admit, they do the trick! It’s easier for us to recall brands when we’ve heard the name repeated over and over again. Brand recognition comes in other forms as well: the smell of a shampoo, the […]

Hi all! In what is usually a slower time of year with the holidays and tax time approaching, KILMERHANSEN has been pleasantly busy. With three web projects already in various stages of our design process and a fourth project’s work agreement just in the door, 2012 is already starting as our best year yet. 2011 […]

Good news for October! KILMERHANSEN has added two new creative minds to our team. Kevin Looney is a long time friend and fellow designer with wonderful illustrative talent. Jeff Will has been imagining one of a kind photographic pieces for years. With their input and expertise, KILMERHANSEN looks to be bigger and better this winter […]

The past few months and definitely the last two weeks have been busy here at KILMERHANSEN. In September so far we’ve pushed three websites live. Thank you to the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society