Many today look to the internet to find an answer to all of their needs; a babysitter, a hair care product, a restaurant. This is true for mental health needs as well. A website not only promotes your business, it also helps to instill trust (an important aspect to the client/psychologist/psychoanalyst relationship), dictate your approach and in doing so, help bring you the clients that are suited to your practice.

Pricing and Package:

Basic Website – $1200
Custom Design A look for your business alone, no templates here!
9-10 Pages Usually Home, About, Services, Contact and a number of specialty pages (essays, articles, links)
Basic SEO Keywords and ALT tag coding to improve search engine results
Ease of Updating Website is built using WordPress CMS, allowing for self updates
3 Months Free Updates We’ll do the work for you! Updates are of text and image content only. Does not include redesign, image editing or technical support. Cost of updates after 3 Month period ends is $65/hour.

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